In my work I find myself frequently using Microsoft Query Analyser to perform queries against SQL Server. This is a great tool, but I often think it could help me do my job a little better! I love the Intellisense that appears in the .NET framework, and older products such as VB 6.0. I thought it would be great if I could have something similar for SQL Server. So I set to work with SQL Buddy (formerly SQL Chum) - a tool to help the developer who finds himself working with SQL Server on a frequent basis.

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Tobin Harris

That me - the founder and lead developer of SqlBuddy. I'm software developer working in Leeds, UK. Buddy was a chance to write an free IDE that might be able to offer something to those not wanting to spend money on expensive tools! It's also a learning exersise - I don't get to work on desktop apps very often!

Jonothan Twomley

Jons been onboard for about three months now, and lives in Pheonix, Arizona. He's stuck with me through the thick-and-thin of learning about CVS and developing over the wires. It's been fun, and he's given some excellent contributions to the project.

Thomas Hansen

Thomas is a strong c# developer from Oslo, who is doing some excellent work in fixing bugs and extending/adding features. He seems to have got to grips with our buggy code base in no time 8-)


  • To facilitate writing SQL queries and scripts.
  • To help the develop explore the database schema.
  • To help organise SQL code and snippets.
  • To expose the in-built SQL Server functionality (functions, procedures etc) to the developer.