0.69 Alpha
- TreeView remembers selected node
- Explorer property panel resizes correctly
- Removed more DMO references
- Added Tabbed Windows
- Improved Restore/Backup Database commands
- Added User Functions to Database Explorer
- Numerous other bug fixes! (Thanks to Thomas)

0.68 Alpha

New Features
- System Functions are now shown in database explorer
- Stop Button for stopping mid-execution (finally)!!!
- MSI Installer

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- Sql Statement refreshes correctly after play button is pressed
- Started removing dependency on SQLDMO
- Sql started to be farmed out to external sql file
- Some icons added to menus
- Links to 3rd party people added

0.067 Alpha
Well, as promised we're releasing more regularly. This next
installment has had some drastic changes - which has meant
some aspects of Buddy have taken a slight step back. However,
they're all for the best - so that we can more easily make improvements
for the future. Please feedback on work in progress, we've had over 1,000
downloads now, but not as much feedback as we'd like!

Cheers n' beers, Tobin Harris

New Features
- New Sql Editor from SharpDevelop, bringing the joys of:
	- Syntax Highlighting on a grande scale
	- Undo/Redo in editing
- Added ability to toggle results
- SqlHelper now has icons
- SqlHelper shows 'Immediate' objects (those in scope)
- Database Explorer shows:
	- table columns and properties
	- stored procs and parameters
	- views and columns

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- Session window is faster, thanks to a complete rebuild.
- Nicer icons in Database Explorer
- Editor is much faster
- Connection Profiles window doesn't try and lookup servers
  (this was blobbing, we'll re-look into this in the future)

Known Bugs/Problems
- redraw problem with datagrid when first load (scrollbar visible when shouldn't be)

0.0.66 Alpha-Shakey :)
This is a bit of a feature rich release - albeit I'm not convined the quality is
up to scratch! We've tried to expand the feature set, but I
think the next one will be focusing on improving existing features, with a little
expansion also. Also, we've changed our release strategy! We're now going to release
much more often, but obviously with less in each release. This way, you should be
able to take advantage of stuff as it becomes usable, rather than waiting for a big bang
every now and again! Enjoy! -- Tobin Harris ( and Jon Twomley )

New Features
- Basic Database Explorer including
	- open table for edit
	- script objects to new window
	- automatically create update and insert stored procedures
	- delete database items
	- backup database
	- restore database
	- create database

- You can now create Connection Profiles to facilitate logging in to servers.
- You can select default database during login
- Windows can be Tiled Horizontally / Vertically or Cascaded
- You can select the window to view from the Window menu
- You can include user parameters in your statements, and a popup window prompts
  you to enter them when you execute the statement. For example:

    select * from blah where name = '##Enter Name##'

  When you hit F5 (or execute), you will be prompted to enter a name.

- Extra info from the database is available in the Messages pannel after
  running a query. For example, typing SET STATISTICS IO ON at start of
  query will dump stats info into the messages panel.

- You can launch the Osql tool from Buddy, and it will automatically log you in to
  a database based on your current connection.

- Basic Help file (Basic being the operative word).

- Basic HTML schema reporting ( right click Database name in explorer, bottom menu item)

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- SchemaHelper popup is more usable now - you can hit Ctrl-Space to complete words without it
  inserting unwanted spaces in your text. Phew - what a thrash that was!
  It will also automatically insert a word if it's the only match
  Finally, the bug has gone where it doesn't always close if you hit ESCAPE

 - Windows such as Notepad and File Explorer now overlap as tabbed groups, rather than
   taking up extra screen space.

 - File Explorer now has icons

 - Session window has been trimmed down and lost the header. This has resulted
   in faster redrawing, although more work needs to be done.

 - Added more keywords to syntax highlighter

Known Bugs/Problems
- Redraw on session window is a little slow.
- Closing the application keeps prompting you to save (use Close All first!)
- When you create a new conntection profile, the main form doesn't refresh to
  show the new name.
- Help annoyingly hovers over the app.

Soon we will mostly be working on...
- Improving the SqlHelper (popup window)
- Refining the database explorer and adding new functions

0.0.65 Alpha

This is a bit of a mini-release since we've bitten off a large chunk this month, and
in many cases have taken a step back! However, overall there's some good stuff in here
albeit a little rough around the edges! Enjoy!....

New Features
- DotNetMagic Menus - thanks to the great dotnetmagic libs, we have new menus
- Syntax Highlighting! Finally we got it in there. It's can be a bit quirky with long files, but basically working.
- Recent Statements list in file menu. Rememebers up to 10 last used files
- Can now save query results as fixed width text, aswell as Xml and Html
- Basic file browser for quick opening of files.
- Can edit library header for statements, to store description and keywords.
- Notepad for storing notes
- Options form now has more options in it!

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- The sql results tab only visible if there are results to show
- sql results panel is not shown after files are loaded.
- Data Grids in session window don't get too wide (350px max)
- The column indicator in the session window is now working as it should be
- Prompt to save existing file before load new one.
- Prompt to save file before closing
- column & row indicator updates on mouse click
- Sql Schema Helper popup doesn't appear in task bar
- Sql Schema Helper popup appears in correct position, consistently!
- Login form pops up at startup if no default session loading
- Integration of Magic Library has started.
- Not crashing - this happened when SqlBuddy used up all resources because .NET menus don't release them.

0.0.6 Alpha

New Features
- Improved safety - you have to unlock grids before you can edit them
- Grid Menu, offering grid features (see below)
- Ability to save individual tables as XML or HTML
- Ability to copy individual tables in-memory as XMl or HTML
- Remembers whether you like you session window maximised or normal

Bug Fixes/Enhancements
- History now works as a history should! (well, almost)
- Ctrl-N brings up new session window
- More logical layout of file menus
- Results panel sizes in proportion to the session window.

0.0.53 Alpha

New Features
- Tooltips on SqlHelper popup (dummy ones!)
- Line number and column for statement in status bar
- Time of execution and duration in Session Window
- Allows execution of only selected text, rather than entire statement
- Ctrl+E now executes selected sql statment
- Single table selects can now have rows and added deleted and edited from grid.
  This will be enhanced to work with multiple tables.
- User can elect to automatically login to a server when the program starts up (see login form).
- user can load an Sql file from disk. Ctrl-L achieves this, or use menus.
- ser can save current statement. Ctrl-S acheives this, or use menus
- Users can elect to login to their default session from the File menu (Open Default Session)
- Rows returned in query shown at top of grid
- Column widths auto size
- By using # in a select statment (select # from tableName) after the Table List you will get a list of columns with check boxes.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
- SqlHelper window appears in correct place on first showing.
- Inspection button works now, and gives correct errors
- Changed done box to be first rather than cancel
- Message textbox at the top is now readonly
- Sql statment is not lost when changing databases
- Selection of table or function from object browser now works with double click
- More funky toolbar syles used.
- New, slightly more funky graphics on about form and login form.
- Objet Browser now shows under select statment

0.0.52 Alpha

New Features

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
- Results Grid is MUCH MUCH faster!
- Results Grid works better for multiple datasets, also redraws
- Refactored some code as usual

0.0.5 Alpha

New Features
- Login details are now remembered. Can support multiple login details.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
- Copy and Paste supported from inspection window - good for copying into queries
- SqlHelper appears in roughly correct position, even if form is moved.
- Grid display is now better formatted.
- Background colors of windows should be ok, rather than black on some systems!
- About form shows Version as stored in the Engine objects

0.0.4 Alpha
New Features
- Connect to database
- History of SQL statements working
- Basic SqlHelper Popup working
- Can inspect objects